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cc06 ⋅ Andrew Black – Hypnopompia


Cassette tapes housed inside a fully biodegradable sculpture made from collected pine needles, Pine resin, and starch.


“I was nearly finished writing this album in October of this year when a good friend of mine suddenly passed away. I took some time away from working on the songs to grieve and when I returned to them they no longer felt right. I tore most of the songs apart and reconstructed them with sounds and chord progressions that I felt more accurately conveyed how I was feeling at that point.
I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. I find a lot of my inspiration comes from the environment of my home in Oregon. This album is special to me, it is a memorial to a friend that I’ll miss forever.”

-Andrew Black




* Due to the hand made nature, each piece varies slightly making each one unique.


Edition of 30



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380 g
30 × 22 × 6 cm