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cc10 ⋅ Extempore – Memories


Cassette tape housed in a “leather” like sleeve made from waste bricks from demolished buildings in Toronto, and seaweed based binder


Brick holds the memories of time. Of place. Of cities and its people. In my city, the red clay from the local earth, created the houses and buildings that remind me of home and my own history. But it is slowly being erased. As I grow older and begin to grapple with lost details in my own memory, I have been faced with finding new ways to rember things that are fading.

Memory is a brick based “bio-leather” that can be sewn and shaped similar to a thicker fabric. I originally created it as the packaging to an album that I made based around recordings from my past turned into music, in an attempt to solidify them in my memory. The material has a strange sensorial feeling as we normally don’t associate brick with being soft and flexible. Because of its bio-based nature, it will decay if proper attention is not given to it, causing it to disappear in time leaving no trace of its history.

On trips over the past years, I have been recording sounds from different places with no intention other than to use it as a way to conjure up memories. Last year, while digitally converting piles of childhood home movies, I found that my mind was setting the visuals to music, maybe in hopes to try to anchor the memory in my mind somehow. This album is a musical attempt to tie together old memories.”

– Justin Pape





* Due to the hand made nature, each piece slightly different. The materials in this release are flexible but impermanent and biodegradable and should be treated as a delicate sculpture



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225 g
17.78 × 17.78 × 12.7 cm