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cc05 ⋅ Extempore – Reflection


Cassette tape housed in a sculpture made of construction debris collected on daily walks, Used coffee grounds from artists daily coffee, artists hair that was grown and cut during this period of time, and one of 10 different hand printed silver gelatine photos by Cristian Ordóñez.


“Extempore has been a meditative improvisational process allowing me to get back to exploring music and tuning out during a time of loss. A series of recordings evolved from the first few months of 2021 comprising of live recorded single tracks, sometimes layered with field recordings that capture thoughtless moments in time.”

– Justin Pape


All aspects of this release were created locally in Toronto from locally coffee roasters and the acquisition of other materials used to create the sculpture, to manufacturing of the cassettes by Duplication.

In memory of Aneeta, Nano, and Peter




* Due to the hand made nature, each piece varies slightly in colour.

Edition of 30


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375 g
30 × 21 × 6 cm